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SINGING Vocal coaching and songwriting
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SINGING Vocal coaching and songwritingSINGING Vocal coaching and songwriting

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Songwriting/Vocal coaching:12 augustus -18augustus 2018       

The course vocal coaching
When we sing, we make use of the most important instrument of them all: Ourselves! To get the best out of your voice, getting in contact with the whole of your body and also with your soul, is quite necessary. All levels and styles are welcome!

By concentrating on relaxation and freedom as we warm up and get ready for singing, we soon start recognizing and understanding the possibilities of our own voice. A short guided meditation and breathing- as well as physical exercises every morning will help us to achieve this.
In this workshop-week we will work on the essential two sides of singing: technique (body) and interpretation (soul). Also we will enjoy Circlesongs and other ways of natural improvisation. Don't worry, you CAN do this! Anybody who has ever sung under the shower can.

But we will be singing a lot together as well. In unison, in harmony, existing material and music created in the moment. Lead- and backgroundvocals, call and response, all forms of sounding together are possible. Certainly in this gorgeous environment there are many spots where we can enjoy a great acoustic experience.

We will also create space for some individual lessons, where each singer gets personal advise on their vocals, and also here we continue our search for the best version of the chosen song. Other participants are present during these individual lessons, and benefit also from the advise given to other singers. (Masterclass-setting) Working within the group and individually, we will certainly tackle the different technical aspects of singing. And then we try to discover this: How can I express my very own interpretation of a certain song? 

Not only shall we work on technique by doing exercises, but also during these individual lessons on pieces of the vocal repertoire. These will be decided by teacher and student together, maybe even before the workshop. 
You can contact Charllotte for this by emailing at artedu. But you can also just bring yourself and we go with the flow. All styles are welcome, and many shall be explored.

During the whole workshop-week you will find yourself diving into your chosen or instantly discovered material and litterally be swimming in it, examining your vocal self at the same time. Also we are sure to have fun with the best thing there is: Music! Music and it's joy is always waiting for us between the lines, always and faithfully hanging in the air. All we need to do is get ourselves in tune so to speak.

From Monday till Friday, the workshop will take place from 9.30 to 13.00.  At the end of the week, on Friday evening, a (voluntary) presentation will take place.  A “Grand Finale” of a very exiting week, full of singing and music!!!



SINGING Vocal coaching and songwriting